Deputy engages in a road rage incident while off-duty

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On Saturday, March 9, 2002, Deputy Powell, while off-duty and driving his personal vehicle, allegedly became engaged in a "road rage" incident while driving in Washington Township. Deputy Powell allegedly confronted the driver of another vehicle, Mr. Nick Kuntz, who allegedly cut him off, and engaged in a verbal dispute in which Deputy Powell allegedly identified himself as being employed with the Montgomery County Sheriffs, used profanity, and identified himself as a sergeant.

Sergeant attempts a cover-up and falsified police report; Sergeant and deputy engage in sexual conduct on-duty

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Deputy Vitali alleged that after conducting a search of a residence that yielded marijuana, paraphernalia and a handgun, Sergeant Doran instructed him to take no action and to "walk away." Deputy Vitali also alleged that after conducting a search of a motor vehicle that yielded marijuana and a handgun, Sergeant Doran instructed him to make a physical arrest of the driver on minor misdemeanor charges. He stated that when he disagreed with the legality of that course of action, she publicly berated him and behaved unprofessionally.

City of Clayton Police Department, Sergeant Steve Caudell's Actions Are Declared Improper Conduct

An officer puts the lives of citizens at risk and damages property by pursuing a suspicious vehicle that committed no serious offense.

But did he really prevent a serious violent crime?

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The following report was prepared by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

Treasurer Employee Dismissed for Theft in Office

Bonita Lashawn Smith (aka Bonita Bush) stole thousands of dollars from the Treasurer's Office and finds herself under community controls.

Domestic Relations Court Employs Criminal

Despite a criminal history, the Domestic Relations Division of the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court continues to employ Michole Brigham.

Sheriff Sergeant Arrested and Fired for Drug Theft

A Montgomery County Sheriff's Office employee found himself as a jail inmate for the evening of Friday, February 21, 2003. Sergeant Timothy Vaughn Powell was arrested for drug theft from the jail pharmacy (ORC 2913.02A3dF4), a fourth degree felony. Powell was accused of stealing Vicodin, an addictive narcotic that requires a prescription. The drug had not been prescribed to Powell.