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Sheriff Sergeant Arrested for Drug Theft: Internal Affairs Report 1

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Sergeant Timothy Powell
PSN, 308
Jail Division


On Friday, February 21, 2003, at approximately 0300 hours, Sergeant Timothy Powell entered the medical office on the fourth floor of the Montgomery County Jail. Sergeant Powell proceeded to enter the pharmacy room in the medical office.

While in the pharmacy room, Sergeant Powell allegedly opened the third drawer of the stock medical cart and then opened the secured, controlled medication box. Sergeant Powell took four Hydrocodine 5/500 tab (substitute for Vicodin 5/500 tab) pills from a blister pack for his personal use.


On Friday, February 21, 2003, at approximately 1000 hours, Chief Deputy Rankin, Captain Nolan, Lieutenant Buck, Medical Director Voisard and myself met in the conference room in the Administration office in regards to an allegation of theft of drugs by an employee.

Captain Nolan said on Friday, February 21, 2003, Medical Director Voisard told him he was made aware of an allegation that Sergeant Powell had allegedly stolen four to Medic Heidi Vicodin pills from the medical office in the jail. Captain Nolan said Medic Heidi Sippel alleged Sergeant Powell stole the medication while she was present.

Captain Nolan said Medic Sippel stated she was doing her medication count at her desk when Sergeant Powell entered the medical office. Captain Nolan said Medic Sippel stated the pharmacy door was unsecured and Sergeant Powell entered the pharmacy. Captain Nolan said Medic Sippel became suspicious and entered the pharmacy. When she did, she observed Sergeant Powell closing the drawer on the stock medication cart.

Captain Nolan said Medic Sippel stated after Sergeant Powell left the medical office she recounted the controlled medication and discovered four Vicodin pills were missing. Captain Nolan said Medic Sippel notified Medic Brian Arnold of this information when he reported for duty at 0630 hours. Medic Arnold notified Medical Director Voisard of the allegation.

Captain Nolan said that Medical Director Voisard informed him that in the past several weeks he has noted that the audit indicates they have nineteen Vicodin pills are unaccounted for. Captain Nolan said that according to other medics it is common for Sergeant Powell, while on duty, to spend a lot of time in the medical office and even to assist the medics on the administration of medication.

After learning of this information, Chief Deputy Rankin assigned the criminal investigation to Detective Chad Begley and assigned the internal investigation to me.

It was determined, due to the severity of the allegation, that Sergeant Powell would be placed on paid administrative leave during the internal investigation. Chief Deputy Rankin instructed Detective Begley and myself to serve Sergeant Powell with an Administrative Leave notification.

I spoke with Major Rigler and he confirmed that there are no records that would indicate Sergeant Powell is currently prescribed Vicodin. I assigned Detective Dave Parin to contact and interview Medic Sippel.

Sergeant John Brands
February 26, 2003

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