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Woman dislikes deputy waving his wand around

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Ms. Emmons alleged that upon entering the Common Pleas Court building, she was stopped and searched by Court Services Deputy Schrodi with a hand held metal detector. She stated that he spoke to her in a rude manner and threatened to arrest her.

On January 16, 2002, Court Services Deputy Schrodi was assigned to the lobby of the Common Pleas Court building and was responsible for screening people entering the building. Court Services Deputy Schrodi stopped Ms. Emmons after she caused the magnetometer to alarm. Court Services Deputy Schrodi checked her with the hand held metal detector and found several keys in her pocket. Ms. Emmons then removed the keys and successfully passed through the walk-through magnetometer. Ms. Emmons later returned to the lobby, told Court Services Deputy Schrodi that he was rude to her and demanded an apology.

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