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Was it racial profiling or just tinted windows?


Officer [redacted] pulled us over for no reason. [He] did not ask for insurance cards even though it was offered. He was aggressive and wanted to profile our vehicle over window tint. He is a Moraine police officer.

Tinted windows can be probable cause for a traffic stop in Ohio. So the officer had sufficient reason to pull you over. Officers have the right to immediately test your window tint level to determine if it is within legal limits. Officers also have the right to observe any other illegal behavior that was not previously apparent before the stop.

Having tinted windows makes you an easy target for law enforcement. It is likely that you may be pulled over again, and again. If you feel harassed by the frequent stops, you can either remove the window tint or equip yourself with a recording device (a smart phone, a MP3 player, flipcam, reel-to-reel tape deck, etc). The recording device, if apparent to the officer, may promote more professional behavior. It can also be used to record possibly unprofessional behavior that can be reported to his office and the courts.

If you believe that the officer visibly misbehaved in front of his own in-dash camera, you should contact the police department immediately to have that tape reviewed. You are entitled to make a public records request to obtain a copy of that video.

You are also entitled to file a formal complaint with that law enforcement agency. But beware that such complaints are common. Without any substantial evidence, they are most often dismissed by internal affairs investigators.

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