You are hereTeeth and claws are bared to animal abusers

Teeth and claws are bared to animal abusers

Residents are outraged at mistreatment of animals.

As reported by ABC 22 / Fox 45, Woman Faces Animal Cruelty Charges for the Second Time, Montgomery County Ohio residents are speaking out against animal cruelty.

I am sickened by your story of the Hamilton woman, Elizabeth Lewis, who essentially starved her own dog, Bruiser, to death. Twice.

She still claims she has done nothing wrong, yet, while her dog lay emaciated last August and also last week, she did not take him to the vet or at the very least, to a shelter where he could've gotten the care he so obviously was denied at home. This is animal abuse at its worst.

I pray that Judge Gattermeyer throws the book at her which, unfortunately, was not done last year when this happened. I wish Lewis would have to register as a Tier 1 Animal Abuse Offender and would not be allowed closer than 100 yards from any living creature.

I am heartbroken at the abuse this poor dog endured, dying slowly day by day. I am only relieved that he is finally in a much happier place.

Please don't let this person walk away from this crime again, unpunished.

Thank you.

Sally Schaffer

If you see animal abuse or neglect, contact the Humane Society of Greater Dayton.