You are hereSheriff's Medical Director retaliates against an employee of Good Samaritan Hospital

Sheriff's Medical Director retaliates against an employee of Good Samaritan Hospital

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On Tuesday, April 23, 2002, Medical Director James Voisard allegedly called Mr. Anthony Adams, the Crisis Manager, Good Samaritan Hospital CrisisCare, and Michelle Cannon's employer. Director Voisard allegedly informed Adams that Cannon was a serious problem, and went on to list several issues Cannon claims that Director Voisard never addressed any of his concerns with her. Cannon feels that Director Voisard' s call was in retaliation to an issue he thinks Cannon has said or done. Further, Cannon feels that Director Voisard is attempting to jeopardize her position at the Montgomery County Jail, ... and with her employer.

On Friday, ApriL26, 2002, Michelle Cannon completed a three-page letter detailing her complaint against Director Voisard, and submitted it to Major Drummer. On Thursday, May 30, 2002, Chief Deputy Rankin assigned the investigation to the Inspectional Services Unit. Sergeant Dershem assigned the investigation to me.

I reviewed Cannon's letter. Cannon said on Wednesday, April 24, 2002, she received a telephone call from Anthony Adams, the Crisis Manager for Good Samaritan Hospital CrisisCare. Cannon said Adams told her that he received a telephone call from Director Voisard the day before, and Director Voisard alleged that Cannon goes outside the chain of command, has had several suspicious outside meetings, Cannon expects other CrisisCare workers to work the First Floor while she does not, that she plays computer games in her office all day, and the medical staff has indicated...

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