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Sergeant John Brands feels ridiculed by co-workers

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On Thursday, March 27,2003, Sergeant Brands and Lieutenant Gillis had a conversation in the break room of the Jail Administration Offices. During the conversation, Sergeant Brands believed Lieutenant Gillis made inappropriate comments in the presence of other employees that ridiculed him and the Sheriff's Office.

Captain Nolan conducted the investigation into this complaint. He interviewed Sergeant Brands, Sergeant Brem, Lieutenant Flanagan and Lieutenant Gillis. Captain Nolan's report indicates there is no merit to [Sergeant Brands'] complaint.

In reviewing Captain Nolan's report and the statements made by each witness during the interviews, I find no credible evidence exists that Lieutenant Gillis made public statements that ridiculed Sergeant Brands, the Sheriff's Office or undermined the effectiveness of the agency. Therefore, I declare the complaint unfounded.

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