You are hereElect Dave Vore? Are Montgomery County voters really that dumb?

Elect Dave Vore? Are Montgomery County voters really that dumb?

Dave Vore's Mismanagement

Is Dave Vore really silly enough to think that the voters of Montgomery County have forgotten his lackluster leadership of the Sheriff's Office? Why in the world should he be elected to the County Commission? Dave Vore is not a leader.

The internal affairs investigations don't lie: Dave Vore could barely manage the Sheriff's Office.

Dave Vore was handed the role of Sheriff as Gary Haines fell ill and passed. Vore was never a charismatic or competent candidate. He found the position by default as few really want the trouble of the office. Most recent elections saw no opposition.

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This web site details the incompetence of Dave Vore as Sheriff... as a warning for whatever other public leadership role he might try to acquire.

If Dave Vore could not be trusted to manage the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, why should he be trusted as a County Commissioner?

The following nonsense appears on former Montgomery County Sheriff Dave Vore's web site as a candidate for the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.

I am running for Montgomery County Commission because I am proud of this historical community we call home. I am distressed by the insecurity and fear Montgomery County residents have faced in their neighborhoods, homes and jobs during the past four years. Those in leadership positions have a responsibility to create a better future for all of our residents.

Several important issues that warrant the Board of Commissioners immediate action are:

  • Montgomery County residents, over the last four years have experienced a loss of jobs and economic security at a rate not seen since the Great Depression. We must begin the process to reverse this terrible situation. I will work to bring jobs back to Montgomery County in all sectors of the economy.
  • As the former Sheriff of Montgomery County, my commitment was to ensure our citizens had a safe environment in which to work and live. I promise do that again as your next Montgomery County Commissioner. I will work to devote the resources necessary to provide the sense of security our residents deserve to have when walking in their nighborhoods and living in their homes.

I will work to make Montgomery County more competitive with our surrounding Counties by leading the effort to utilize the latest technologies to reduce the cost of government.

Please join our efforts to create a better future for Montgomery County.

As voters you have power to make the change, let's not wait any longer.

Check out the library of Internal Affairs Investigations that illustrate Dave Vore's serious inability to run an ethical sheriff's office.

Montgomery County would do well to keep Dave Vore out of any elected office.