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Drunk driver allegedly pepper sprayed

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On Saturday, August 17,2002, Deputy Thomas Feehan and Deputy Mathew Haines stopped Mr. Casper Jones on North Main Street at Shoup Mill Road for having an expired registration. Mr. Jones claims that Deputy Feehan and Deputy Haines pepper sprayed him, and searched his vehicle leaving his personal items strewn through out the vehicle. Mr. Jones said the deputies told him he was lucky that they did not give him a DUI.

Sergeant Mcintosh allegedly knew of the incident and did not take any action concerning the deputies' actions.

On Wednesday, August 28, 2002, Chief Deputy Rankin assigned the investigation to the Inspectional Services Unit. Sergeant Brands assigned the investigation to me.

I reviewed Mr. Jones' complaint and a memorandum attached with the complaint by Sergeant Copher. Mr. Jones wrote that he left Frog's at about 0220 hours on Saturday, August 17, 2002, and was driving on North Main Street when he was stopped near the Penn Station restaurant. Mr. Jones said that he removed his information from his glove box, and does not remember anything else except for driving one block to a friend's house.

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