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Domestic Relations Court Employs Criminal

Despite a criminal history, the Domestic Relations Division of the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court continues to employ Michole Brigham.

Michole Lenethia Brigham of 525 Westwood Avenue in Dayton has a problem with the law. Unfortunately, she works where the law is supposed to be upheld. Dayton Police record an arrest and booking as far back as 1991 for disorderly conduct. Police recordsClick here to view document also indicate an arrest in 1993 for felonious assault. Her most recent criminal record challenges her qualifications as a court employee.

On December 23, 1997 she was chargedClick here to view document with three criminal offenses: obstructing of official business, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct. While obstructing official business is not an ideal characteristic of a court employee, her case demonstrates the impotence of the judicial system.

Despite her daily presence at the Dayton-Montgomery County Courts Building as an employee, two separate bench warrants were issued. Two and a half years after the initial charge, Michole Brigham was found in contemptClick here to view document for failing to pay fines. It was not until over another year had passed that Michole paid off court costs of only $290.

Michole has been certified as a notary for the state of Ohio (#2005-RE-95035, that certificate expired 3/9/2010).

Court records indicate that Michole has also been found guilty of a speeding violation.

Public Records

Further information can be obtained from the Clerk of the Dayton Municipal Court. These records are available online from

Criminal charges and cases involving Michole Brigham:
722122 Disorderly conduct
93-17639 Felonious assault
96TRT17352 Speeding
97CRB01597 Obstructing official business; criminal trespassing; disorderly conduct