You are hereDeputy tries to promote the career of a stripper/dancer

Deputy tries to promote the career of a stripper/dancer

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On Monday, January 21, 2002, during Third Watch, Deputy Matthew Snyder entered the Montomgery County Jail with a female juvenile prisoner to have her fingerprinted and photographed for a domestic violence charge. While on the Jail platform, Deputy Snyder allegedly made several inappropriate comments about the female juvenile prisoner and Corrections Officer Cynthia Peffly.

Sergeant Althouse investigated this complaint by interviewing the complainant, Officer Peffly, several officers that were reported to have witnessed the incident, Ms. Brittini Van Winkle, (Deputy Snyder's juvenile arrestee) and reviewing Deputy Snyder's in; recording equipment. Sergeant Althouse found the complaint to have merit. (See Sergeant Althouse's investigative report.)

On Monday, January 21, 2002, Deputy Snyder arrested Ms. Brittini Van Winkle for domestic violence, and transported her to the Montgomery County Jail to be fingerprinted and photographed. While Deputy Snyder was waiting for Ms. Van Winkle to be fingerprinted, he spoke to several corrections officers in the Jail Records section. During the conversation he told the officers that Ms. Van Winkle wanted to be a stripper or a dancer. Deputy Snyder admitted he made the comment, saying that he was simply repeating what Ms. Van Winkle had told him.

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