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Deputy is rude and discourteous

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On Friday, April 26, 2002, Jenny Smith, an employee of the Montgomery Collilty Prosecutor's Office entered the lobby of the Dayton-Montgomery County Courts Building and walked through the magnetometer. Ms. Smith alleged that Court Services Deputy Reser spoke to her in a rude and discourteous manner.

Sergeant Althouse investigated this complaint by conducting interviews with Ms. Jenny Smith, Mr. Ted Imperato, Ms. Cindy Rawlins, Security Officer Sheila Baxter, Mr. Jonathan Horwitz, Ms. Linda Daniel and Court Services Deputy Rich Reser. Please see the report submitted by Sergeant Althouse. Sergeant Althouse found the complaint to have merit.

It should be noted that Court Services Deputy Reser and Ms. Daniel stated that Sergeant John Brands was present in the lobby when the incident occurred and may have witnessed the event. Because Sergeant Althouse and Sergeant Brands share a peer relationship, I conducted the interview with Sergeant Brands before completing a conclusion of fact regarding this complaint.

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