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Deputy accused of taking condoms from suspect

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On Monday, September 9, 2002, Deputy Chris Williams arrested Mr. Garry Valentine for disorderly conduct by public intoxication at 187 Pawtucket Street. Mr. Valentine alleges that Deputy Williams took $70.00, cigars, and condoms from him and gave them to his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Cannon, without his permission.

Sergeant McKee investigated this complaint by interviewing Deputy Jeffrey Thomas and Deputy Scott Norman, who assisted Deputy Williams on the call, and Deputy Williams. Sergeant McKee also attempted to interview Ms. Cannon and Mr. Valentine several times, however both refused to cooperate with an interview. Sergeant McKee found that Mr. Valentine's complaint did not have merit. (See Sergeant McKee's investigative. report.)

On Monday, September 9, 2002, at approximately 0037 hours, Deputy Williams, Deputy Norman, and Deputy Thomas responded to 187 Pawtucket Street on the report of a burglary in progress. On their arrival, Deputy Williams and Deputy Norman found Mr. Valentine kneeling at the back door of 187 Pawtucket. Deputy Williams was able to handcuff Mr. Valentine, who was resisting Deputy Williams. Deputy Williams, with the assistance of Deputy Thomas, walked Mr. Valentine to his cruiser, and had him sit in the backseat.

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