You are hereDave Vore plays political games for self interests

Dave Vore plays political games for self interests

Dave Vore claimed that he was retiring early from his elected office for family reasons. But his own professional profile reveals the lie.

March 11, 2008 (

Montgomery County Sheriff Dave Vore has announced that he will retire at the end of this year.

Vore cited family reasons for his decision to retire. He has served as sheriff of Montgomery County since 2000.

Vore said he would endorse his current chief deputy, Phil Plummer, as his replacement who would have to run as a candidate.

Dave Vore's LinkedIn profile shows that while collecting retirement pay from the State of Ohio, he worked for Swede-owned Securitas from 2009 to 2011. Were Dave Vore's "family reasons" really so serious that he had to run around the country? What family issues are helped by uprooting a family?


Phil Plummer was sworn in as sheriff on July 8, 2008...a half year before Dave Vore's term would have ended.

Dave Vore's early retirement announcement was made just one week after Dave Vore won a primary election for the Sheriff, running unopposed. But while Vore appeared to be ending his political career, he was still playing dirty.

The timing of Vore's announcement made it difficult for other candidates to join the race. See the full details at

The Dayton Daily News reported on June 18, 2008 that:

Recently, outgoing Montgomery County Sheriff Dave Vore took a parting shot at Mike Tenore, the Democrat who wants to replace Mr. Vore, a Republican. Specifically, Mr. Vore revoked Mr. Tenore's reserve deputy sheriff's commission. Mr. Tenore, who is an investigator for Montgomery County Prosecutor Mathias Heck Jr., is running against Mr. Vore's handpicked successor, Chief Deputy Phil Plummer.

Without the sheriff's commission, Mr. Tenore can't say he's a deputy or imply an association with the sheriff's office in his upcoming campaign ads.

Dave Vore appears to be as dirty as the employees he managed.