You are hereCreepy deputy stalks a woman and enters her basement

Creepy deputy stalks a woman and enters her basement

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On Monday,March 24,2003, Deputy Tallmadge Crosby was operating a marked Sheriff's Office patrol car. Deputy Crosby made contact with Kelli Briggs at a stoplight on Lyons Road, and requested she pull into a parking lot so he could look at the wheels on her vehicle.

On Wednesday, April 9, 2003, while on duty, Deputy Crosby contacted Ms. Briggs at her residence to show her pictures of his personal vehicle. Ms. Briggs alleges that she was alarmed because Deputy Crosby found her residence, and followed her nine-year-old sons into the house and down to the basement without her permission.

Sergeant Steve Egleston investigated this complaint by conducting a LEADS audit on Ms. Briggs license plate, interviewing Ms. Briggs, and interviewing Deputy Crosby. Sergeant Egleston found that Ms. Briggs' complaint did have merit.

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