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Walt Steele - PSN#336

Deputy has a personal relationship with an inmate

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Deputy Paul Hyatt allegedly was involved in a personal relationship with inmate Kristy M. Banks, who was incarcerated in the Montgomery County Jail. During the period Ms. Hyatt was incarcerated, Deputy Hyatt allegedly visited Ms. Banks in Alpha-Pod

Deputy Hyatt corresponded with Ms. Banks through written letters. Deputy Hyatt faxed one of the letters from the Reibold Building to the Video Court Arraignment room. Deputy Steele received the fax, knowing it was a personal letter, and gave it to Ms. Banks.

Deputy uses excessive force during an arrest

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On March 27, 2003, Court Services Deputy Walt Steele arrested Ms. Cynthia Jacobs-Porter in the lobby of Domestic Relations Court. Ms. Jacobs-Porter alleges Deputy Steele failed to properly warn her prior to arresting her and used excessive force while placing her into custody. Ms. Jacobs-Porter said on March 28, 2003, she telephoned Sergeant Bartolotta to file a complaint on Deputy Steele. Ms. Jacobs-Porter alleges Sergeant Bartolotta hung the telephone up on her.