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Tom Scott - PSN#54

Sergeant fails to return phone calls

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On Saturday, July 7, 2002, Deputy Tom Scott and Sergeant John Reese responded to 569 West Whipp Road in Washington Township concerning a civil dispute between Mr. Steven Scovil and his ex-wife Ms. Lee Anna Scovil. Mr. Scovil claims that Deputy Scott "evicted" him from his house. Mr. Scovil claims that when he called the Montgomery County Sheriffs Office Communications Center requesting Sergeant Reese call him, Sergeant Reese failed to call him.

Deputies screw around on the computer

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On Tuesday May 7, 2002, Deputy Sheryl Lively found the message, "Bob: The issue of duplication of activity has been broached to me by several. There is true resentment over this MDT/NIBR'S thing and how Tony Bell is a self-serving cop killer. His lack knowledge will get us killed. (FTL in the BFZ)," running on the screensaver on the Mobile Data Terminal in vehicle 8608. Either Deputy David Concannon or Deputy Thomas Scott allegedly entered the message to run on the screensaver.

Suicidal woman demands her fistful of pills back from deputy

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On Wednesday, January 9, 2002, at 1215 hours, Deputy Tom Scott and Deputy Don McCuiston were dispatched to 7842 Betsy Ross Circle on a female threatening suicide, who had taken some prescription medication. The request came from Joice Lewis, a CrisisCare employee who had spoken to the resident at 7842 Betsy Ross Circle. The deputies arrived along with personnel from the Washington Township Fire Department and paramedics form the Miami Township Fire Department. They contacted the resident, Ms. Glenna Trueblood, and eventually transported her to Southview Hospital for evaluation. Ms.