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Timothy Powell - PSN#308

Deputy engages in a road rage incident while off-duty

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On Saturday, March 9, 2002, Deputy Powell, while off-duty and driving his personal vehicle, allegedly became engaged in a "road rage" incident while driving in Washington Township. Deputy Powell allegedly confronted the driver of another vehicle, Mr. Nick Kuntz, who allegedly cut him off, and engaged in a verbal dispute in which Deputy Powell allegedly identified himself as being employed with the Montgomery County Sheriffs, used profanity, and identified himself as a sergeant.

Sergeant steals drugs from jail pharmacy

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On Friday, February 21, 2003, at approximately 0300 hours, Sergeant Timothy Powell entered the medical office on the fourth floor of the Montgomery County Jail. Sergeant Powell proceeded to enter the pharmacy room in the medical office. While in the pharmacy room, Sergeant Powell allegedly opened the third drawer of the stock medical cart and then opened the secured, controlled medication box. Sergeant Powell took four Hydrocodine 5/500 tab (substitute for Vicodin 5/500 tabs) pills from a blister pack for his personal use.