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Thomas Flanders - PSN#387

Racism within the Montgomery County Ohio Sheriff's Office

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Among the racially-charged interactions between African-Americans and law enforcement, this case stands out for being completely on the record. Rarely do we see police documenting their own racist statements and unprofessional behavior.

The accusations of racial bias and misconduct were raised by the divorcing spouse of one of the subjects. So the credibility of the complaint is immediately suspect. But watch as the following internal affairs investigation reveals the pettiness of law enforcement officers as they attempt to throw each other under the bus in order to keep their jobs. We observe how LEOs feel about each other as an officer explains his coworker's nickname of "fart box".

The investigation raises significant questions. "Are private conversations on personal cell phones off limits to employers?" And most importantly, if this racism was caught on record, "How much more racism is there off the record?"

It is alleged between November of 2011, and January of 2013, Detective Michael Sollenberger exchanged text messages with Captain Thomas Flanders, Sergeant Brian Lewis, Deputy Joseph Connelly, Deputy Jayme Horton and Detective Brad Daugherty. These text messages were allegedly archived by unknown person or persons by printing them out to paper. The unknown person then provided the printed messages to Mr. Derrick Foward, President of the Dayton chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in August of 2014. Mr. Foward lodged a complaint on behalf of the citizens of Montgomery County against the deputies participating in the text conversations due, to the allegedly derogatory and threatening comments contained in the messages.

Man is tricked into arrest

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On August 1, 2003, Deputies Jack Shaw and Thomas Flanders went to 8772 Meadowcreek Drive in an attempt to serve Mr. Edward McIntosh II with an arrest warrant.

Mr. MacIntosh alleges Deputies Shaw and Flanders deceived him by placing a telephone call to his residence and not properly identifying themselves to determine if McIntosh was inside the residence.

McIntosh alleges that Deputy Shaw twisted his arm while he (Shaw) escorted him to the patrol vehicle. McIntosh alleges Shaw and Flanders verbally belittled him while he was at the patrol vehicle.