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Thomas Combs - PSN#399

Domestic Relations Court employee attempts to weasel out of a traffic citation against his son... and learns, after viewing a video recording, that his son is the real weasel

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Mr. Stephen J. Schulkers (of 390 Island Lake Ct., Centerville, OH 45458, PH: 937-885-5830) filed a complaint on behalf of his son, Kyle Schulkers w/m/19, in regards to a traffic stop Deputy Combs made on his son on Friday, June 7, 2002. Mr. Schulkers alleged the following: 1. Deputy Combs detained his son for an excessive amount of time. 2. There was no reasonable suspicion for the search the vehicle. 3. Deputy Combs threatened his son with arrest if he did not remove his hands from his pockets. 4. Deputy Combs used excessively strong-armed tactics when dealing with his son. 5.

Sheriff employees break into home of jailed suspects and remove items

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Mr. Roland Miller and Ms. Latoya Ross (Miller) allege that while they were incarcerated in the Montgomery County Jail between Sunday, December 1, 2002, and Monday, December 2, 2002, that deputies from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office or employees with the Montgomery County Children's Services Bureau entered their residence at 1932 Palisades Drive and took personal items while investigating a child endangerment complaint.