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Shawn Baab - PSN#422

Deputy allows drunk woman to re-enter a vehicle, drive away and crash into a parked car

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On Tuesday, October 14, 2002, at 2123 hours, Deputy Shawn Baab conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle occupied by Timothy W. Knight Jr. on West Third Street at Infirmary Road in Jefferson Township. Mr. Knight alleges that during the traffic stop, Deputy Baab used excessive force on him and falsely arrested him for Disorderly Conduct. Mr. Knight also alleges that when he asked Deputy Baab why he was going to jail, Deputy Baab told him it was "for being a smart ass."

Deputy accused of racial profiling

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Mr. Ramon Turner alleged that on Friday, May 10, 2002, Deputy Vitali stopped him solely based on his race and that Deputy Vitali and Deputy Baab, conducted a search of his vehicle based on his race. Turner is alleging that Deputy Vitali stopped him on West Siebenthaler Avenue at Salem Avenue while driving a gold l998 Camaro (photographs are included in this investigation). Turner alleged he was stopped because of the volume of his music, however Turner alleged that the music not at a high volume level.

Domestic Violence Temporary Protection Order (TPO) issued against deputy

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On Friday, May 31, 2002, Ms. Andrea Baab filed a Domestic Violence Temporary Protection Order, #02DV497, against Deputy Shawn Baab with the Montgomery County Domestic Relations Court. The Domestic Relations Court issued a Domestic Violence Temporary Protection Order in response to the filing based on an incident that allegedly occurred on Tuesday May 28, 2002, in which Deputy Baab had an argument with Ms. Baab.