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Rodney Ables - PSN#395

Deputies tell woman to stop making 911 calls regarding domestic violence

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Ms. Debra Harden alleged that when Deputy Ridgeway and Deputy Ables responded to her residence, 1206 Liscum Drive, on a domestic violence call, both officers acted in an inappropriate manner. Ms. Harden alleged that Deputy Ridgeway did not have the right to speak to her eleven year old daughter (Kiara) at the scene without her permission. Ms. Harden alleged that Deputy Ables made an inappropriate statement which was "If this happens again, don't you call us."

On advice of attorney, deputy refuses to cooperate with investigation

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On Monday, September 22, 2003, Deputy Rodney Ables deployed a less lethal shotgun firing, one Super Sock beanbag round into Mr. Rondel Swango. Sergeant Edgar Copher responded to the scene as the Special Investigations supervisor.

Deputy shoots man near crotch with bean bag

Case Number: 

On Monday, September 22, 2003, at approximately 1637 hours, at 225 Maeder Avenue in Jefferson Twonship, Deputy Rodney Ables shot Mr. Rondel Swango with one super-shock beanbag round. The deployed round struck Mr. Swango in the lower abdominal area.