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Phillip Dill - PSN#541

Deputy engages in improper conduct while preventing a camera from entering courts building

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Mr. Mark Newberry alleged that Court Services Deputy Phillip Dill refused to allow him to enter the Common Pleas Court building with a camera in his possession. Mr. Newberry alleged that when he later re-entered the building without the camera, Court Services Deputy Dill physically escorted him from the building. Mr. Newberry claimed that his right index finger was scratched during the incident. Mr. Newberry also said that Court Services Deputy Dill told him "I should kick your ass."

"I'm fucked" Deputy drives drunk and collides with 6 vehicles

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On Thursday, January 15, 2004, Deputy Phillip Dill was off duty and allegedly drove his personal vehicle while intoxicated. Deputy Dill allegedly collided with two vehicles in the City of Kettering and fled the scene. Deputy Dill allegedly then collided with four vehicles in the City of Centerville. The Centerville Police Department cited Deputy Dill for Driving Under the Influence and the Kettering Police Department cited Deputy Dill for Failure to Control his vehicle.