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Matthew Snyder - PSN#339

Sexual harassment and assault between Sheriff employees

Case Number: 

In March or April of2002, while in the parking lot of District 10, Deputy Jennifer Smiley alleged, Deputy Matthew Snyder said to her, "You should have seen the look on Feehan's face when I told him you had half-breed children at home."

In June of2002, in the parking lot of District 7, Deputy Smiley alleged, Deputy Snyder grabbed her breast. Deputy Smiley alleged that on the same evening, inside District 7, Deputy Snyder grabbed her in the vaginal area and squeezed.

Deputy tries to promote the career of a stripper/dancer

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On Monday, January 21, 2002, during Third Watch, Deputy Matthew Snyder entered the Montomgery County Jail with a female juvenile prisoner to have her fingerprinted and photographed for a domestic violence charge. While on the Jail platform, Deputy Snyder allegedly made several inappropriate comments about the female juvenile prisoner and Corrections Officer Cynthia Peffly.

Deputies use excessive force to break up a fight at a night club, discharge firearm into the air

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On Sunday, July 6, 2003, Deputy Matthew Snyder and Deputy Brad Daugherty were advised of a large fight at Tiffany's Nite Club. Deputy Snyder and Deputy Daugherty called for a "signal 99" (officer in trouble) while attempting to arrest several subjects in front of the business. Deputy Douglas Phillips and Deputy Brian Cavender responded to the scene to assist Deputy Snyder and Deputy Daugherty with the large disorderly crowd.