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Jay Vitali - PSN#377

Deputy accused of racial profiling

Case Number: 

Mr. Ramon Turner alleged that on Friday, May 10, 2002, Deputy Vitali stopped him solely based on his race and that Deputy Vitali and Deputy Baab, conducted a search of his vehicle based on his race. Turner is alleging that Deputy Vitali stopped him on West Siebenthaler Avenue at Salem Avenue while driving a gold l998 Camaro (photographs are included in this investigation). Turner alleged he was stopped because of the volume of his music, however Turner alleged that the music not at a high volume level.

Sergeant attempts a cover-up and falsified police report; Sergeant and deputy engage in sexual conduct on-duty

Case Number: 

Deputy Vitali alleged that after conducting a search of a residence that yielded marijuana, paraphernalia and a handgun, Sergeant Doran instructed him to take no action and to "walk away." Deputy Vitali also alleged that after conducting a search of a motor vehicle that yielded marijuana and a handgun, Sergeant Doran instructed him to make a physical arrest of the driver on minor misdemeanor charges. He stated that when he disagreed with the legality of that course of action, she publicly berated him and behaved unprofessionally.

Deputies unlawfully enter a residence

Case Number: 

On Tuesday, August 12, 2003, at approximately 1300 hours, Detective Kent Saunders was at 1803 Palisades Drive conducting a burglary investigation with Ms. Quartitia Knight. Ms. Knight walked to 1806 Palisades Drive and asked Mr. Jimmy Thompson if he told Detective Saunders that she stole his video game unit. Ms. Knight suddenly returned to Detective Saunders, who was still at her apartment, and told Detective Saunders that Mr. Thompson had a gun in his hand.

Deputy fails to file a report

Case Number: 

On Monday, April 14, 2003, Mr. Eric Underwood requested Deputy Jay Vitali complete a Telephone Harassment report concerning an incident involving Ms. Wendy Moore. Mr. Underwood alleges Deputy Vitali failed to do a criminal offense report.