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Gerald Barnes - PSN#297

Officer proves to be a shitty role model for juveniles

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During the early summer of 2002, Transportation Officer Gerald Barnes was assigned to supervise a Juvenile work crew at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. Mr. Dan Bullen and Mr. Randy Hart, alleged that Transportation Officer Gerald Barnes consistently used profane language in front of the juvenile workers assigned to his work crew, spent an excessive amount of time inside the offices at the Fairgrounds, and did not maintain proper supervision of his work crew.

Sheriff's Office allows child workers to collect and take home live ammunition

Case Number: 

On Monday, November 22, 2001, Sergeant Schroeder received a letter from Mr. Joseph Wilson, the Children's Services Bureau Juvenile Worker Program Director, detailing six complaints against Transportation Deputy Gerald Barnes from October 27, 2001 to November 17, 2001.