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Gary Doss - PSN#588

One officer's sexual advances shut down by another

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On April 15, 2002, Corrections Officer Gary Doss allegedly entered Security Control, where Corrections Officer Beth Adams was assigned to work. Corrections Officer Adams stated that Corrections Officer Doss sat uncomfortably close to her, glared at her and made uninvited and unappreciated comments about her "sexy voice."

Suicidal inmate abused by corrections officers

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On September 26, 2003, at approximately 0718 hours, Inmate Andrew Draine, who was housed on the fourth floor range (E-4-S) cell #11 of the Montgomery County Jail, admittedly staged a suicide attempt. Inmate Draine alleges he was "attacked and beaten" by several corrections officers who responded to his cell.

Inmate Draine who was pepper sprayed during the altercation, alleges while being decontaminated, water was sprayed excessively in his face to the point he almost "drowned."