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Deputy W. E. Shepard

"If you don't put that camera down I will mace you"

Montgomery County Ohio Sheriff Deputies fail to take a criminal complaint of menacing.

A man walks into a store with a bag containing items purchased in a neighboring store. Unaware this violates store policy, the customer is yelled at by the clerk. The clerk becomes cranky and calls the police to have the man trespassed. While none of this is captured on the video, the responding deputy appears to confirm this account.

At the beginning of the video, the clerk threatens the customer: "If you don't put that camera down I will mace you".

This threat is illegal.

However, the deputies fail to take any action. They do not bother with a written trespass warning for the customer and they do not accept a criminal complaint about the threat of assault from the clerk.

They seem uninterested that the incident was recorded on video and never observe that evidence.

Deputy D. E. Adams
Deputy W. E. Shepard