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David Concannon - PSN#245

Deputy is rude and belligerent

Case Number: 

On Friday, July 12, 2002, Deputy David Concannon and Deputy Joseph Faison responded to 1404 Captains Bridge to act as a peace officer. On arrival, they discovered that a domestic violence had occurred at the residence. While investigating the domestic violence, Mr. Kenneth Williams Jr. alleges Deputy Concannon was rude and belligerent while speaking to him.

Sergeant Isem investigated. this complaint by interviewing Mr. Williams, Ms. Dawn Snell, the suspect in the domestic violence and Witness to the allegation, Ms. Megan Kecken, who witnessed the incident, Deputy Faison, Deputy Concannon.

Deputies screw around on the computer

Case Number: 

On Tuesday May 7, 2002, Deputy Sheryl Lively found the message, "Bob: The issue of duplication of activity has been broached to me by several. There is true resentment over this MDT/NIBR'S thing and how Tony Bell is a self-serving cop killer. His lack knowledge will get us killed. (FTL in the BFZ)," running on the screensaver on the Mobile Data Terminal in vehicle 8608. Either Deputy David Concannon or Deputy Thomas Scott allegedly entered the message to run on the screensaver.

Deputy forces a child abduction

Case Number: 

On Friday, November 7, 2003, Deputy David Concannon escorted Ms. Emily McGuire to 122 Waterfront Place to assist in a child custody exchange for her daughter. Ms. Wyson alleges Deputy Concannon did not properly check Ms. McGuire's court documentation before he escorted Ms. McGuire to go to her (Wysong's) residence. Ms. Wysong claims Ms. McGuire did not have visitation rights with her granddaughter.

Ms. Wysong also alleges that Deputy Concannon acted improper when he threatened to arrest her son, Mr. Bian Hinkle, if he interfered with his (Concannon's) job.

Deputy fails to file a report against fellow law enforcement officers

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On Thursday, July 10, 2003, Ms. Jennifer Groleski was at Champps Bar and Restaurant in Washington Township. Several unknown patrons from the Dayton area and several off-duty New York Police Officers became involved in an argument. The argument escalated and one of the New York Police Officers pushed one of the local patrons causing him to knock Ms. Jennifer Groleski onto some steps near the Champps stage.