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Dave Vore withdraws bogus Ohio Election Commission complaint against Judy Dodge

The Dayton Daily News is now reporting that the Montgomery County Republican Party and Dave Vore are withdrawing their October 31 frivolous complaint against Judy Dodge.

Dave Vore plays political games for self interests

Dave Vore claimed that he was retiring early from his elected office for family reasons. But his own professional profile reveals the lie.

Double Dippin Dave Vore

Here is one of the political television advertisements against Dave Vore, candidate for Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.

Dave Vore wants to be a double-dipper. He quit before the end of his last elected office, grabbed a pension and skipped town, abandoning us during one of the worst recessions in history. Now Dave is back and wants to collect a paycheck and a pension, and double-dip on your dime. Dave Vore? He doesn't understand hard working people like you.

Judy Dodge does. Judy Dodge stayed when times were tough. And led our county through the worst recession in history. We need experience. We need integrity. Re-elect Judy Dodge for Montgomery County Commissioner.

Visit Judy Dodge's campaign web site for more information. has no affiliation with Judy Dodge.

Is Hitler running the Montgomery County Republican Party?

Take a humourous break from the lies of campaigns.

What can the Republican Party do when their candidate is revealed to be a really poor choice?

Dave Vore, hypocrite - Vore whines about 2008 political ad

According to WKEF-ABC TV 22 News in Dayton and the Dayton Daily News, Dave Vore and the local Republican Party have filed a complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission against his competition for the Mongtomery County Board of Commissioners. Dave Vore complains that competitor Judy Dodge is making false claims in a television commercial from 2008 that includes an endorsement from the Dayton Daily News. The video appears as a YouTube embed on Judy Dodge's candidate web site:

Vore's issue is that the Dayton Daily News is not endorsing any candidate in 2012 and that it is misleading to present a 2008 endorsement today.

But Vore should really coordinate his complaint with his friends.

Dave Vore's friend and former subordinate Phil Plummer is also a candidate this year. And he is using his own Dayton Daily News endorsement from 2008.

Phil Plummer misleads voters with an old Dayton Daily News endorsement

Montgomery County has no room for weasels like Dave Vore.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office has been alerted to the illegal Dayton Daily News endorsement on Phil Plummer's campaign site. Yet it remains online at the time of this writing.

Who has been dumb enough to endorse Dave Vore?

According to Dave Vore's web site as candidate for Montgomery County Commissioner, the following have endorsed Dave Vore. Do any of them realize how badly he managed the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office? Just look at the internal affairs investigations to see the crazy things that his employees did.

Elect Dave Vore? Are Montgomery County voters really that dumb?

Dave Vore's Mismanagement

Is Dave Vore really silly enough to think that the voters of Montgomery County have forgotten his lackluster leadership of the Sheriff's Office? Why in the world should he be elected to the County Commission?