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Bryan Statzer - PSN#222

Deputy serves spicy pepper spray to 911 caller

Case Number: 

On October 14, 2001, Deputy Bryan Statzer responded to 3356 Lodge Avenue regarding repeated 911 hang up calls from that location. Deputy Statzer eventually identified the caller as Cherie Martindale and attempted to arrest her for making false alarms. Deputy Statzer used oleo capsicum (O.C.) spray on Mrs. Martindale while attempting to take her into custody.

Major Drummer takes issue with an impatient deputy

Case Number: 

On September 16, 2001, Deputy Bryan Statzer transported a female subject to the county jail for incarceration. While waiting for the prisoner to be admitted to the jail, Deputy Statzer learned that the Dayton Police Department broadcast a signal 99-officer in trouble. Deputy Statzer then allegedly began yelling at the jail staff to immediately admit the female prisoner and later made a statement that he would soon be assigned to the jail and that they would either be working together or not at all.