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Brian Krimmer - PSN#498

Grandfather upset about waiting in a cruiser

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On April 19, 2002, Deputy Mark Whorton and Deputy Brian Krimmer responded to 1613 Hopewell A venue on the report of a disorderly juvenile. On their arrival they contacted Mr. Billy Waterhouse, who was upset because his thirteen-year-old granddaughter left the house .... when the deputies contacted Mr. Waterhouse, he was yelling at his granddaughter and becoming disorderly. The deputies separated Mr. Waterhouse and his granddaughter by placing each in separate cruisers until they could determine if any offense had occurred. Both Mr. Waterhouse and his granddaughter were released with warnings.

Montgomery County Sheriff Office employees consumed alcohol on Sheriff property

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It is alleged on June 10, 2003, after the conclusion of their shift, Sergeant Jeff Papanek, Deputies Kristi Bendinelli, Josh Tays, Gary Ridgeway, Brad Daugherty, Andrew McCoy, Matt Wright, Dennis Krust, Brian Krimmer, Shamus McLaughlin and Jeremy Roy consumed at least one alcoholic beverage in the parking lot of the Harrison Township District Ten substation (5945 North Dixie Drive).