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Deputies investigating a stabbing - WRGT TV Fox 45

Local News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 13:37

WRGT TV Fox 45

Deputies investigating a stabbing
WRGT TV Fox 45
DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Readers of USA Today have ranked the Vectren Dayton Air Show as the number 8 air show in the country. Twenty shows were nominated by industry experts and then readers chose the top 10. Michael Emoff, Chairman of the ...

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Police investigate after child found in pool

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 13:34

HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) – Police in Huber Heights are investigating after a three-year-old child was found in a pool Sunday.

The incident happened just before 8:00 am Sunday in the 5200 block of Robinview Court.

A police report on the incident says only that emergency personnel were called to a Robinview Court home after a three-year-old boy was found in a pool not breathing.

Police released a 911 call from the incident. In that call you can hear man tell dispatchers his son fell into a pool and was not breathing. The caller also tells the dispatcher his wife is performing CPR.

Later in the call you can hear someone in the background exclaim, “He’s turning blue!”

The child was taken to Dayton Children’s Hospital with unknown injuries and is in the Intensive Care Unit.

2 NEWS is working to learn more about this story and will keep you updated when more information is available.


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President speaks on health care, pushes Senate to take action

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 12:58

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WASHINGTON (AP/WDTN) — President Donald Trump pressured Republicans Monday to approve the Senate’s wheezing health care bill, saying a showdown vote planned for this week is their “last chance to do the right thing” and erase the Obama law.

Trump’s prodding came a day before leaders say the Senate will vote on legislation shredding much of President Barack Obama’s health care law. Lacking the votes to push it through his chamber, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., postponed one roll call last month and hasn’t yet announced exactly what version of the measure lawmakers would consider Tuesday.

Complicating McConnell’s hopes of drumming up last-minute support, Ohio GOP Gov. John Kasich said it would be a mistake for the Senate to move ahead Tuesday “and force a one-sided deal that the American people are clearly against.” Kasich’s stance could make it harder for wavering Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, who’s criticized the measure’s Medicaid cuts, to vote for the measure.

In his statement, Kasich panned the bill for a lack of “bipartisanship, transparency or open dialogue.” He said Congress should take no action on recrafting the nation’s health care system until it can “step back from political gamesmanship and come together with a workable, bipartisan plan.”

Portman and other Republican senators were also being pounded from the White House.

“Republicans have a last chance to do the right thing on Repeal & Replace after years of talking & campaigning on it,” Trump tweeted Monday.

Trump’s contentious tone toward members of his own party underscored the high stakes as he tries winning Republican votes for a goal the GOP has trumpeted since the statute’s 2010 enactment. He planned to make formal remarks on the health care legislation later Monday.

Characteristic of his scattershot effort on his party’s health care drive, Trump also spent the morning tweeting insults at Democrats, the news media and his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions, about their handling of investigations into his 2016 campaign’s possible collusion with Russia.

Republicans hold a 52-48 Senate majority, but around a dozen GOP senators have publicly said they oppose their party’s measure or criticized it. With Democrats standing united in opposition, McConnell would prevail if no more than two Republicans oppose the legislation, a number that shrinks to one if Arizona Sen. John McCain remains home for cancer treatments.

In comments highlighting GOP tensions, Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, said it is “absolutely repugnant” that Republican senators aren’t following through on campaign promises to repeal Obama’s law.

Without naming them, he mentioned “female senators from the Northeast” and said, “If it was a guy from South Texas, I might ask him to step outside and settle this Aaron Burr style,” a reference to the firearms duel in which Burr killed Alexander Hamilton.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, has opposed the GOP replacement plan. Other Republicans expressing reservations include Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

Farenthold spoke Friday on 1440 KEYS radio’s “The Bob Jones Show” in Corpus Christi, Texas. A Farenthold spokeswoman said he could not immediately be reached for comment.

On Sunday, the Senate GOP No. 3 leader said McConnell will decide soon on which health care bill to bring up for a vote, depending on ongoing discussions with GOP senators.

Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., sought to cast this week’s initial vote as important but mostly procedural, allowing senators to begin debate and propose amendments. But he acknowledged that senators should be able to know beforehand what bill they will be considering.

“That’s a judgment that Senator McConnell will make at some point this week before the vote,” Thune said,.

Senate Republicans are considering legislation that would repeal and replace Obama’s law, and a separate bill that would simply repeal “Obamacare” with a two-year delay for implementation to give Congress more time to agree on a replacement. Both versions encountered opposition from enough GOP senators to doom the effort.

At least two Republican senators Sunday appeared to reaffirm their intention to vote against the procedural motion if it involved the latest version of the GOP’s repeal-and-replace bill.

Collins said she continued to have concerns about reductions to Medicaid and criticized the Republican process, saying lawmakers were being unfairly kept in the dark. She cited uncertainty about which version of the bill the Senate will consider and said, “I don’t think that’s a good approach to replacing legislation that affects millions of people.”

Conservative Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky said he would only support a repeal-only bill.

“The other alternative is the Senate leadership bill that doesn’t repeal Obamacare, is Obamacare light and is loaded with pork. … I’m not for that,” said Paul.

Thune appeared on “Fox News Sunday,” Collins on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” and Paul on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

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Suspect steals an electric wheelchair

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 12:58

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) –  Dayton Police were called to a complaint of a stolen wheelchair Sunday.

Police arrived at the scene and to a large group of people stood on the 20 block of South Van Lear Street.

The group of people told police that a man allegedly stole an electric wheelchair on North Jersey Street.

Police identified the man as Jeffery Brown.

Brown told police he was paralyzed but according to the police report, the police saw the man’s legs moving.

According to the police report, police said Brown showed signs of being under the influence of an unknown substance.

The police report says Brown visits with James Paxton who lives on North Jersey Street.

Paxton’s nephew, Randall Dennis talked with police about this incident.

Dennis told police Brown walks to the every morning at the house and stays for a long time.

Dennis told police Brown was acting out at the house Sunday night and and sat down in Paxton’s electric wheelchair.

According to the police report, Dennis tried to get Brown out of the wheelchair but Brown kept smacking Dennis’ hand away.

Dennis told police he chased after Brown when he unplugged the wheelchair and left the house. Then Dennis hit a button that shuts off the electric wheelchair completely, according to the police report.

The police report has a note of Brown saying “I don’t need no chair I stole Jim’s chair.”

Police arrested Brown at the scene.

Paxton told police he had the electric wheelchair for five years.

The wheelchair was released to Dennis later.

Brown was taken to Grandview Medical Center for an examination. Medical experts said Brown’s leg do work and he is not paralyzed.

After Brown was discharged from the hospital, police took him to jail.








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Driver charged in smuggling-related deaths of 10 immigrants

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 12:38

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — The driver of a broiling tractor-trailer found packed with immigrants outside a Walmart in San Antonio was charged Monday in the deaths of 10 of his passengers and could face the death penalty.

James Matthew Bradley Jr., 60, of Clearwater, Florida, awaited an appearance in federal court later in the day to face charges of illegally transporting immigrants for financial gain, resulting in death.

Authorities discovered eight bodies inside the crowded 18-wheeler parked in the summer heat, and two more victims died at the hospital. Officials feared the death toll could rise because nearly 20 others rescued from the truck were in dire condition, many suffering from extreme dehydration and heatstroke.

A passenger told authorities that they took turns breathing through a hole in the trailer and pounding on the walls to try to get the driver’s attention, according to court papers.

“We’re looking at a human-trafficking crime,” San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said Sunday, calling it “a horrific tragedy.”

It was not immediately known whether Bradley had an attorney who could speak on his behalf.

Bradley told investigators that the trailer had been sold and he was transporting it from Iowa to Brownsville, Texas, and that he was unaware that there were people inside until he parked and got out to urinate.

After hearing banging and shaking, he opened the door and was “surprised when he was run over by ‘Spanish’ people and knocked to the ground,” according to the complaint.

Bradley allegedly told investigators that he knew the trailer refrigeration system didn’t work and that the four ventilation holes were probably clogged. He also said he did not call 911, even though he realized that several people already were dead.

A passenger told investigators that he and others crossed the Mexican border into the U.S. illegally by raft and were then guided into the trailer to be taken north to San Antonio, according to the criminal complaint. The passenger said the immigrants inside the truck soon began to struggle breathe.

The victims “were very hot to the touch. So these people were in this trailer without any signs of any type of water,” Fire Chief Charles Hood said.

It was the latest smuggling-by-truck operation to end in tragedy. In one of the worst cases on record in the U.S., 19 immigrants locked inside a stifling rig died in Victoria, Texas, in 2003.

Based on initial interviews with survivors of the San Antonio case, more than 100 people may have been packed into the back of the truck at one point in its journey, said Thomas Homan, acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Officials said 39 people were inside when rescuers arrived, and the rest were believed to have escaped or hitched rides to their next destination.

At least some of those in the truck were from Mexico and Guatemala, according to diplomats from the two countries.

Latin Americans who enter the U.S. illegally often rely on smuggling networks that use safe houses and various vehicles to help them reach their destination.

“Even though they have the driver in custody, I can guarantee you there’s going to be many more people we’re looking for to prosecute,” Homan said.

The truck had an Iowa license plate and was registered to Pyle Transportation Inc. of Schaller, Iowa. A company official did not immediately respond to a phone message seeking comment.

San Antonio is about a 150-mile (240-kilometer) drive from the Mexican border. The temperature in San Antonio reached 101 degrees (38 Celsius) on Saturday and didn’t dip below 90 degrees (32 C) until after 10 p.m.

The tragedy came to light after a person from the truck approached a Walmart employee and asked for water late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, said McManus, the police chief. The employee gave the person water and then called police.

On Sunday evening, about 100 people gathered at a San Antonio church for a vigil to mourn the dead.

Immigrants’ rights activists and church officials held up handmade signs reading “Who here is not an immigrant” and “No human is illegal.”

Those gathered held a moment of silence, then gave speeches blaming federal and Texas authorities’ hard-line immigration policies for contributing to the deaths by forcing immigrants to take greater risks to reach the U.S.

“These tragedies are compounded when it’s incredibly dangerous and incredibly expensive and we push migration into the hands of illicit actors,” immigration activist Bob Libal said in a telephone interview.

In the May 2003 case, the immigrants were being taken from South Texas to Houston. Prosecutors said the driver heard them begging and screaming for their lives but refused to free them. The driver was sentenced to nearly 34 years in prison.

The Border Patrol has reported at least four truck seizures this month in and around Laredo, Texas. On July 7, agents found 72 people crammed into a truck with no means of escape, the agency said. They were from Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Authorities in Mexico have also made a number of similar discoveries over the years.

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71-year-old and dog rescued in Olympic National Park

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 12:29


PORT ANGELES, Wash. (AP) — A 71-year-old Port Angeles woman and her dog were found thirsty and hungry, but alive and well, after being stranded for nearly a week in Olympic National Park.

The Peninsula Daily News reports Sajean Geer and her dog named Yoda were rescued at about 7:15 pm Sunday by a Coast Guard helicopter.

Geer and her terrier-Chihuahua dog had been stranded for six days.

They were found about 10 miles south of Port Angeles Sunday by rangers with the U.S. National Park Service who had been searching for her for nearly a week.

Her brother had reported her missing on Tuesday.

Park spokeswoman Penny Wagner says Geer told rescuers she had been in the park since July 17 and survived by drinking water she found nearby.

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ARC asks for help after animals abandoned at shelter

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 12:08

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center said Monday they need help identifying a person they say abandoned dog and her puppies Thursday.

The ARC said an adult female white and black Pit Bull mix was abandoned with her four puppies around 8:30 pm Thursday.

Security cameras captured images of a gray four-door car pulling into the lot. A man can be seen getting out of the car with a child and placing a plastic bin containing the puppies near the front door of the shelter.

The Animal Resource Center said abandoning an animal is a second-degree misdemeanor in Ohio.

If you recognize the car or the man in the photos you are asked to call the Animal Resource Center at 937-898-4457.


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Woman robbed at gunpoint in store parking lot

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 11:39

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) –  A woman told police she was robbed at gunpoint while in her car in the parking lot of a Dayton store.

Police were called to the parking lot of the Dollar General store in the 2300 block of North Main Street on the report of a robbery in progress around 1:30 pm Sunday.

When officers arrived they spoke to a woman who was visibly shaken. She told police two men robbed her at gunpoint in the parking lot.

The woman told police she was sitting in the driver’s seat of her car while her friend was inside shopping.

According to a police report, the woman told officers she saw two men run from the alley toward her car. She tried to lock the doors but was unable to do so before one of the men opened the passenger door of her car.

The victim told police two men were standing in the open doorway of her car and one of them pointed a small semi-automatic pistol at her and grabbed her purse.

The woman told police that’s when she grabbed her phone but the man pointed the gun at her face and demanded the phone. The men then ran back to the alley.

The men are described as two black males wearing black.

Police searched the area and a police dog attempted to track the suspects but nothing was found.

No arrests have been made and the incident is still being investigated.

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Police investigating deadly shooting in Newark

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 11:25

NEWARK, OH (WCMH) — Police in Newark are investigating a shooting out of a possible domestic situation that left one person dead.

According to Newark dispatchers, emergency crews have been called to a shooting near 21st Street and Log Pond Drive. Police initially treated the scene as an active shooter situation, but have since canceled the request.

Police said it appears the shooting stemmed from an apparent domestic situation, but they continue to investigate.

Video from Chopper 4 shows multiple vehicles on the scene.

NBC4 confirms there was at least one person transported to the hospital. There is no word on any other injuries.

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Prayer service held for family in Indiana crash

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 10:51


KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) – A community prayer service was held for the family of two children killed in an Indiana crash last week.

The service began at 6:30 pm and was open to the public. It was held at Ascension Catholic Church on Woodman Drive in Kettering.

Church officials tell 2 NEWS extended family are members of the church and three of the Bereda children were baptized there. The church also streamed the prayer service live on their website so those who couldn’t attend, including those of the congregation at the family’s current church, St. Clare of Assisi in O’Fallon, IL could participate.

“Prayer service is an ecumenical prayer service open to the community and lead by our staff.  It’s 6:30 pm here at Ascension we’ll probably be here about an hour. There will be an opportunity to write a card for support and to just be here as a community to support those who need us,” says Father Ed Pratt, Ascension Parish.

(Provided Photo/Indiana State Police)

The Indiana State Police said on July 18 one-year-old Finley Bereda and five-year-old Brennen Bereda were killed when the van they and their family were traveling in was struck from behind by a semi-truck. ISP said the truck failed to slow when it entered a construction zone on I-70 west of Indianapolis.

READ MORE: ISP: Family from Beavercreek identified as I-70 crash victims

The mother, Christina Bereda, 33, was in the hospital for several days after the crash. She has been released but a three-year-old boy, Jorden Bereda, is still recovering.

Hospital representatives tell 2 NEWS Jorden is now listed in good condition and has been moved out of the ICU.

2 NEWS and will continue to follow this story and keep you posted as new information is available.

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Parents withdraw legal action over their sick baby

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 10:02

LONDON (AP) — The parents of critically ill baby Charlie Gard dropped their legal bid Monday to send him to the United States for experimental treatment after new medical tests showed it could no longer help.

Lawyer Grant Armstrong said Chris Gard and Connie Yates were withdrawing their appeal at a London High Court hearing. As the couple wept, Armstrong said recent medical tests on Charlie showed the baby has irreversible muscular damage.

“It’s too late for Charlie,” Armstrong said. “The damage has been done”

Armstrong said the news had left Charlie’s parents extremely distressed and they now “wish to spend the maximum amount of time they have left with Charlie.”

The 11-month-old has a rare genetic condition, and his parents wanted him to receive an experimental treatment. Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital had argued that the treatment wouldn’t help and could cause the child pain. They wanted to switch off his life support and allow him to die peacefully.

The case won international attention after Charlie’s parents received support from Pope Francis, U.S. President Donald Trump and some members of the U.S. Congress.

Judge Nicholas Francis had scheduled a two-day hearing to consider fresh evidence after Dr. Michio Hirano, an American neurology expert from Columbia Medical Center in New York, came to London to examine the child. But Armstrong said nothing further could be done.

“Due to the delay in treatment that window of opportunity has been lost ” Armstrong said.

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Topps removes Indians’ Chief Wahoo from all baseball cards

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 09:54

CLEVELAND (WKYC) – Changes are coming to America’s favorite baseball card.

Topps is removing the Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo logo from all its baseball cards, according to NBC Sports. That includes both new player and throwback cards.

Now, Topps’ Indians cards will feature the team’s Block C logo.

Topps is the official card of MLB.

Though the Indians have moved away from using Chief Wahoo as its main logo, it still sells Chief Wahoo memorabilia in its stores, and it still appears on player hats and jersey sleeves.

The team said it does not currently have any comment on the matter.

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Firefighters rescue and revive dog

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 09:32

BAKERSFIELD, CA (KGET) A dog is recovering after Bakersfield firefighters saved him from a home and resuscitated him.

The fire broke out in Southwest Bakersfield.

When firefighters arrived, the homeowners had evacuated but the dog was still inside.

Fire crews retrieved Jack, but he was suffering from smoke inhalation.

“We did pull that dog to the outside, he actually appeared very lifeless,” said Battalion Chief John Frando. “We administered oxygen via a pet O2 mask that was generously donated by a couple of Girl Scouts just last year.”

Jack was revived and transported to Bakersfield Veterinary Hospital where he’ll remain under observation for the next 24 to 48 hours for any additional injuries or complications.

BFD said $50,000 worth of damage was done to the home.

Arson investigators are looking into the cause of the fire.

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Swimmer’s body recovered in Lake Erie near Ohio beach club

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 09:20

AVON LAKE, Ohio (AP) — Authorities have recovered the body of a 21-year-old man who apparently drowned in Lake Erie near a private beach club in northeast Ohio.

He and another swimmer had been on the lake in an inflatable raft before witnesses spotted them struggling in the water near Avon Lake on Sunday.

Avon Lake Fire Chief Chris Huerner says neither of the men was wearing a life vest.

One of them managed to make it safely back to shore unhurt. Emergency responders recovered the other man’s body after several hours of searching. His name wasn’t immediately released.

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Charges dropped in Ohio police shooting of unarmed man

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 08:59

CINCINNATI (AP) — A judge in Cincinnati on Monday dismissed the charges against a police officer who fatally shot an unarmed motorist during a traffic stop, after a county prosecutor declined to pursue a third murder trial in the case.

Hamilton County Judge Leslie Ghiz declined to acquit former University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing in the shooting of Sam DuBose, but she dismissed the murder and voluntary manslaughter charges in a way that blocks retrial on those counts.

“It’s sort of a note of finality, which is what we were looking for, although we still have the potential for a federal civil rights investigation,” defense attorney Stewart Mathews said afterward.

Two juries couldn’t reach unanimous agreement on the state charges, leading to mistrials. County Prosecutor Joe Deters said he felt “badly” about dropping the case but had concluded that he wouldn’t be able to get a jury to convict Tensing.

Tensing, now 27, shot the 43-year-old DuBose in the head after pulling him over for a missing front license plate on July 19, 2015. The shooting is among numerous cases nationwide that have called attention to how police deal with blacks, and it highlights the challenges prosecutors face in getting jurors to convict police officers for shooting when they say they’re under threat.

Tensing, who was fired after the shooting, testified at both trials and said he feared he was going to be dragged or run over as DuBose drove away.

An expert hired by prosecutors said his frame-by-frame analysis of Tensing’s body camera video showed Tensing wasn’t being dragged by the car.

DuBose’s family and civil rights groups wanted a third trial. They now are hoping that federal authorities reviewing the case will determine that DuBose’s civil rights were violated.

U.S. Attorney Benjamin Glassman said authorities will review evidence from the state court trials to assess whether there are possible federal civil rights offenses that might warrant prosecution.

Mathews said Monday that he hadn’t been contacted by federal authorities.

The university reached a $5.3 million settlement with DuBose’s family, including free undergraduate tuition for his 13 children.

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Man armed with chainsaw wounds five people in northern Swiss city

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 08:26

BERLIN (AP) — Five people were taken to the hospital, two of them with serious injuries, following an apparent attack Monday in the northern Swiss city of Schaffhausen, police said. Authorities are searching for a man they believe was involved in the attack.

Police spokeswoman Cindy Beer told SRF television that police were alerted at 10.39 a.m. Monday to the incident. She said “we can’t say exactly what happened at this point.”

“We just know that a person wounded several people,” Beer said.

The man’s whereabouts are unknown and the old town in Schaffhausen is currently sealed off, Beer said, adding that police can’t say with certainty what implement the man used to wound the others.

A rescue helicopter was being used to aid the victims.

Schaffhausen is a city of about 36,000 north of Zurich near the border with Germany.

Police and prosecutors refused to elaborate further as the manhunt was ongoing.

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Contest winner disqualified over pro-Trump Instagram post

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 07:58

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas makeup artist says she won a national contest sponsored by Kat Von D Beauty but was later disqualified because of an Instagram post supporting Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy.

Screenshots taken by Gypsy Freeman show she was declared the winner last month of an Instagram “Saint + Sinner Contest” sponsored by the makeup line, which was founded by tattoo artist and former reality show star Kat Von D.

Freeman’s entry was an Instagram image of an angelic figure beside a girl in an all-black outfit and thick mascara, the Wichita Eagle reported. The winner and a guest were to be flown to Los Angeles to attend the launch party for a new Von D makeup line, with a $500 gift card to Sephora thrown in.

But curious Instagram users found Freeman’s pro-Trump post from November.

Von D, who starred in the tattoo-themed TLC reality show “LA Ink,” later messaged Freeman on Instagram to say she had “drawn a personal line in the sand between myself and anyone who supports that man,” according to screenshots of the conversation.

“My launch party (and my brand) celebrates many things that Trump is against,” Von D added, according to the screenshots. “And I just need you to know that I personally have a hard time with inviting anyone who would support such an anti-feminist, anti-homosexual/LGBT, anti-immigrant, and anti-climate change fascist such as Trump.”

Kat Von D Beauty’s parent company, Kendo Holdings, didn’t reply to the newspaper’s messages seeking comment.

Freeman, who splits her time between Wichita and Florida, said she thinks it’s unfortunate that politics was brought into the contest.

“Part of the great thing about this country is having freedom of speech,” she said.

“It’s definitely bigotry — it’s everything that they’re calling us, they’re doing,” Freeman added. “It’s a huge case of hypocrisy.”

Jenn Bischof, the Florida photographer who took the photos for Freeman’s entry, was invited — and attended — the launch party.

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FBI issues warning about ‘smart toys’

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 07:54

WASHINGTON (WBTW) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a warning about ‘smart toys’ directed at children.

These types of toys include ones that use voice-recognition software, contain sensors, microphones, or cameras, or can be connected to the Internet.

“These features could put the privacy and safety of children at risk due to the large amount of personal information that may be unwittingly disclosed,” the FBI said in a press release last week.

Information like the child’s name, school, and activities may be recorded and can put your child in danger of exploitation, or at risk of identity fraud.

The FBI says parents or family members should review the toy’s company user agreements and privacy practices. It is also important to look into if data is collected through the toy and where it is sent and stored, even if it is sent to third-party services.

“The cyber security measures used in the toy, the toy’s partner applications, and the Wi-Fi network on which the toy connects directly impacts the overall user security.” The press release says.

This means the communication connections between the toy, Wi-Fi access points, and internet servers are at risk of hackers exploiting the toy or listening in on conversations.

Bluetooth-connected toys also are at risk of hacking, especially if the toy does not have PINs or passwords when pairing with mobile devices. This could allow for communication with a child, the FBI warns.

“It could also be possible for unauthorized users to remotely gain access to the toy if the security measures used for these connections are insufficient or the device is compromised.” The press release says.

So, what should you do?

The FBI has listed suggestions for what parents or family members can do to ensure the safety of the child when using the toy:

1- Research the toy and find out about any known reported security issues online.

2- Only connect and use the toy in environments with trusted and secure internet access.

3- Research the toy’s connection security measures.

4- Use a PIN or password when connecting to a Bluetooth device

5- Use encryption when transmitting data from the toy.

6- See if the toy receives firmware or software updates and patches, and ensure the toy is using the most updated version.

7- Find out where the user data is stored (with the company, third party services, or both), and see if any public information is available on their reputation and cyber security.

8- Carefully read disclosures and privacy policies.

9- Monitor the child;s activity with the smart toys.

10- Make sure the toy is turned off when not in use, especially if the toys use microphones and cameras.

11- Create a strong and uniwue login password when creating user accounts.

12- Provide minimal information when inputting information for user accounts.

If you worry your child’s toy may be compromised, you are asked to contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center, at

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Bush Brothers & Company recalls certain baked beans

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 07:48

KNOXVILLE, TN. (WAVY) – Bush Brothers & Company has voluntarily recalled three types of their 28 ounce cans of beans.

The company said is a statement that the recall is due to some cans having defective side seams. These side seam defects may affect can integrity and may cause the cans to leak or allow for harmful bacteria to grow inside the product.

The Baked Beans involved in the recall include:

  • BUSH’S BEST ORIGINAL BAKED BEANS 28 ounce with UPC of 0 39400 01614 4 and Lot Codes 6057S LC and 6057P LC with the Best By date of Jun 2019
  • BUSH’S BEST® BROWN SUGAR HICKORY BAKED BEANS 28 ounce with UPC of 0 39400 01977 0 and Lot Codes 6097S GF and 6097P GF with Best By date of Jun 2019
  • BUSH’S BEST COUNTRY STYLE BAKED BEANS 28 ounce with UPC of 0 39400 01974 9 and Lot Codes 6077S RR, 6077P RR, 6087S RR, 6087P RR with the Best By date of Jun 2019

No illnesses have been reported but the company urges consumers to dispose of the affected products immediately even if the beans do not look or smell spoiled.

Consumers who have questions can call 1-800-590-3797 Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

You can see all the details of this recall at

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Franklin sets up internet safety zone

WDTN News - Mon, 07/24/2017 - 07:32

FRANKLIN, Ohio (WDTN) — The Franklin Police Department is working to keep people safe when they buy things online.

Police are teaming up with the Franklin Public Library to create an internet safety zone.

Internet safety zone/Franklin Police Department

It will be located on Anderson Street between the police and library buildings.

The area is designed to let people exchange items they buy or sell on the internet.

This area will be under constant video surveillance by both the Franklin Police and the Franklin Public Library.

Internet safety zone between the Franklin Police and Library buildings/Franklin Police Dept.

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